Student welfare

We understand that studying for a top-quality degree is demanding and however many friends you have it is not unusual to feel overwhelmed. We want you to feel supported during your period of study with us. Our Student Welfare Officer provides independent, non-judgemental and confidential support. We also offer advice and a referral service to students experiencing or wanting to discuss any welfare issues.

Student Charter

The University Centre is a community of both staff and students, and includes visiting adjunct lecturers, which adds an interesting dynamic from the world of industry. We are committed to providing a high-quality learning environment where our students are encouraged to become independent learners who engage with the school in order to devise their own education and career goals.

The aim of the Student Charter is to define the rights and responsibilities of both students and staff, which help to assist in building fundamental partnerships between university life, industry, and its students.

All students are responsible for:

  • Participating fully in lectures and seminars in order to meet the required levels of attendance and assessment outcomes.
  • Complying with the University Centre’s policies and procedures whilst using learning resources and networking facilities.
  • Pursing their academic studies in a diligent, honest and professional manner.
  • Ensuring that the University Centre has all correct contact details and emergency contact information on file.
  • Being efficient and considerate in their communication with the University Centre, its staff and their fellow students.
  • Supporting student representatives, and keeping them up to date with any issues and feedback.

All students are entitled to:

  • A top-quality educational experience that is in line with good academic practice.
  • Being treated with respect, in an environment that encourages equality of treatment.
  • Access to suitable learning resources and support so they can take responsibility for their own education and goals.
  • Access to welfare support where needed, which will support them through their time at the University Centre when they feel they need further support.
  • Be treated fairly throughout their time at Jersey International Business School's University Centre and be able to register a complaint using official procedures without concern of future prejudice.
  • Regular feedback and updates on their work, which will enable them to reach their full potential.
  • Gain access to all University Centre procedures and policies online.
  • A personal tutor to facilitate their education and academic goals.
  • Be represented by students at committee meetings where there will be opportunity to feed back directly to the Programme Director and other members of staff.