Finance internships in China with InternChina

Jersey International Business School has partnered with InternChina to offer our degree students the chance to complete a finance internship in China. InternChina's main aim is to create opportunities for people to gain an insight into the Chinese business world, offering relevant internships of between 2 weeks and 6 months.

About InternChina


InternChina was founded in 2007 and since then have facilitated the placement of around 1,000 students, passionate about China, from all over the world to not only get a first-hand experience in their sector of choice, but also to experience the Chinese culture and lifestyle. Currently we have three offices in China which are located in Zhuhai, Qingdao and Chengdu and we also have our headquarters in Manchester, UK. We take care of everything that needs to be done to ensure our interns have a great experience, including the accommodation arrangements, visa support, optional language classes, trips and meals.

Our process of placing interns in our trusted partner companies in China is quite straightforward and obligation-free as well. Every week we get a lot of applications which we carefully analyze and match with the positions our partner companies currently offer. If an intern requests a particular position or if we find a suitable match, we suggest the given candidate to our partner company in order to set up an interview via skype so both parties have the chance to get to know each other. If both parties agree and sign the contract then InternChina will provide step-by-step advice and offer predeparture and on-placement support in order to ensure a great experience for all of our interns.

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Example companies in Zhuhai

Example 1

ZHFN04: This German-owned company are currently building the tallest elevator in the world at the site of what will be China Winter Olympics.  It will go through the centre of the ski slope mountain, when it reaches the top it will continue up to a "space needle" type of observation tower.  They have already constructed an elevator in Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province where the movie Avatar was filmed.  If focusing on accounting and finance the internship will be based in Zhuhai but there is a good chance students would get some travel on site to where elevators have been or are being constructed.

Example 2

ZHFN05 are an international investment firm who work with Chinese investors and connect them with large-scale real estate projects in the United States. In return for investment the US government provides a green card.  The company currently has projects in tandem with the University of Montana as well as in Sarasota, FL and other parts of the United States.

Example companies/internships in Qingdao

Example 3

Chinese Equity Investment Fund Management Company (Ref.: QDFN05): This company uses industry funds to build urban infrastructure in China. They also operate overseas and invest in several different countries, including Germany – particularly within German bank construction. Furthermore, they work very closely with the Chinese government and focus on major enterprises. The company is a leader in urban infrastructure, covering the comprehensive development of urbanisation, municipal infrastructure, public facilities construction, new rural construction and urbanisation around the features of construction. Its goal is to create a “regional influential investment bank” and it intends to adopt an innovative private equity fund development model, an effective solution to municipal infrastructure in the slow pace of capital turnover. The company has many strategic partner companies, among them: the U.S. Financial Group, China Mining Investment Group, Association of International Investment Group, China Energy Development Foundation, the China Minsheng Bank, China Construction, Zhejiang Securities and Tibet with the letter Securities, Qilu Securities and others.

Number of Staff: 50

Internship Description: Investment assistant / Finance assistant

  • Responsible for funds
  • Translation assistance, between English and Chinese with emails, presentations, and quarterly market briefs etc.
  • Finance report for China and Western systems
  • Communicate with clients and make an enterprise finance plan
  • Provide consultancy and support in the management of foreign enquiries
  • Internal financial analysis
  • Foreign exchange rate (currency) risk management
  • Support the finance manager on the analysis of current financial situation and forecast and other temporary work


  • Finance related major
  • Knowledge and experience in financial investment
  • An open-minded and optimistic personality
  • Ability to work under high pressure
  • Basic Chinese knowledge essential

Example 4

Chinese Consulting Firm (Ref.:QDFN09): This company was originally expanded to Hong Kong in 1992 and has continued to grow over the past two decades to cater for sizeable operations in mainland China, India, Vietnam and Singapore, with strong partnerships in Russia and Central Asia. This international company provides various professional services that vary from providing legal, tax and operational advice to international corporate investors. With many of its clients considered to be within the Fortune 500 players, this is an exciting prospect for any intern.

Internship Description:

  • Assist the business development team in all aspects of client development and account management
  • Assist in organising prospective client meetings and document meetings
  • Prepare power point presentations, proposals and forward contracts for prospective clients
  • Conduct client development related research projects
  • Attend client development events and serve as a representative of the company
  • Carry out individual research projects and produce reports of a high professional standard
  • Administrative tasks if necessary from time to time


  • Knowledge of or interest in tax, accounting and law in China
  • Strong English-language writing and speaking skills
  • Mandarin reading skills are highly desirable
  • Strong communication skills; Desire to meet and interact with Western businessmen
  • Detail-orientated: Pro-active worker that can demonstrate initiative
  • Interest in China business and investment environment; ability to adapt to Chinese culture.
  • Graduate university degree desirable but not required

At the core of every InternChina programme

Language and culture

InternChina’s off-the-beaten-track destinations give you an insight into modern China, whilst gaining valuable work experience, learning Mandarin Chinese and discovering traditional Chinese culture.

Quality support

InternChina's international teams of permanent staff in China offer unrivalled support and ensure that every aspect of the programme exceeds the expectations of students and their universities.

Student focus

Approachable staff, regular trips, social events and activities, affordable programme fees and genuine funding opportunities make InternChina by far the most student-friendly China internship company.


To apply for an internship or for more information, please contact InternChina directly by emailing