Q. Does the fact that this degree is completed in two years mean that there are fewer modules?

A. No, this is a full 360-credit QAA-benchmarked degree that is studied over two years with four terms per annum, compared to three terms with a three-year degree.

Q. How is the degree assessed?

A. Through a variety of methods such as exam, assignment and individual and group presentation.

Q. Is the degree recognised outside of Jersey?

A. This is a full BSc (Hons) degree awarded by The University of Buckingham so it is recognised and regarded worldwide.

Q. Will I have time to work if I come on the degree?

A. Yes. Your contact time on the degree will be approximately 2 ½ days, so you will have the opportunity to take on some part-time employment. However, it will be a challenging programme so you will need to balance any employment that you undertake with a considerable amount of self-study.

Q. I do not have 5 years' residency and therefore I am not eligible for States of Jersey funding. Is there a way of paying for the degree by instalments?

A. Yes. Please contact the University Centre for further information.

Q. How soon after I've submitted my application will I receive an offer?

A. On receipt of a fully completed application we will contact you within two weeks to advise on whether we would like to invite you to an interview. Offers will be made in writing within two weeks of your interview.

Q. What happens when I receive my results?

A. Please contact us immediately and we will confirm your offer.