Top 5 student budget ideas for life at JIBS University Centre

student budget

You might be considering how to manage your money over the next two years at university. We have some top tips on the best ways to save money during your JIBS University Centre experience – and also earn a significant amount of money towards paying your tuition fees.

  1. Course materials
    Buying brand new course materials, such as books on the reading list, can be expensive. So make sure you get in early when our most recent graduates will be selling some of their second-hand books.
  2. Entertainment
    The cost of socialising can soon mount up – from student nights to a catch-up with friends in town. Allocate yourself so much a week for entertainment and look out for special student-specific deals at the cinema, theatre and restaurants.
  3. Transport – travel cheap
    Consider the most cost-effective way of travelling to lectures and your work placement. The bus station offers a Student AvanchiCard for regular bus users for 25% off bus fares. Or get walking or cycling!
  4. Food
    Expand your cooking repertoire and plan your lunches for the week ahead. Cook in bulk and freeze so nothing gets wasted and make packed lunches for cheaper meals on the go.
  5. Apply for a paid work placement
    The Undergraduate Employment Programme is an integral part of the degree programme. You will earn a regular income over the two years that will provide a helpful boost to your budget (approx. £5,000–£6,000 per year depending on the company).