Development by design: blending degree studies with real industry work at Dominion

An insight into the Dominion
Undergraduate Employment Programme


Vanessa Ferreira

Name: Vanessa Ferreira

Degree: BSc (Hons) International Financial Services

Year: Second year

UGEP placement: Administrative Assistant at Dominion


Why did you feel it important to combine your studies with an industry placement?

By combining my studies with an industry placement, it has given me the opportunity to see first-hand how the information we learn within lectures is relevant and applied in industry. I believe that the combination between learning in class and learning on-the-job has made me a more attractive candidate for future employment.

What have you found most beneficial about your placement?

During my placement with Dominion I was given the opportunity to work in various departments within the organisation, allowing me to obtain valuable experience within key departmental areas. Through this exposure, it has guided and enabled me in making a more informed decision regarding my future employment prospects.

Name three skills, professional or personal, that you have developed:

  • Confidence
  • Communication
  • Organisation

How have you enjoyed the degree so far?

I have thoroughly enjoyed studying at the Business School towards my BSc (Hons) International Financial Services degree. The challenging nature of the course coupled with the opportunity to regularly listen to industry experts has kept me actively engaged throughout the two years.

 Vanessa has played a fundamental role in Swiss client take-on projects.

Vanessa has played a fundamental role in Swiss client take-on projects.



What roles has Vanessa performed, and how will she develop in the remainder of her placement?

Vanessa has carried out various tasks in the following departments: HR; Compliance; Client Accounting; Company Secretarial; Investments; Information Solutions; Projects; and Finance. In HR, due to her ability to carry out work efficiently and above expectations she was actively involved in the recruitment processes including sitting in on interviews; data input and reconciliations; and training and development of the company. She also carried out projects and ad-hoc tasks for other departments and played a fundamental part in the Swiss client take-on projects. In the final few months of her placement she will be focusing on work in the Investments team as she has indicated this may be a career route she would like to go down, and we want to make her time here as beneficial as possible.

What makes Dominion a great place to complete an undergraduate work placement?

At Dominion we offer students the opportunity to rotate around all different departments within the company. This allows the student to gain all types of skills and experience and also gives them an idea of what each department involves. The knowledge that a student gains during their studies can be applied to the practical environment. This can help them realise what career path they wish to go down, and also which ones they don’t! We also have a very unique, social and enthusiastic workforce, and are generously rewarded for working hard.