Confidence-building work placement at Barclays

An insight into the Barclays
Undergraduate Employment Programme


Name: Greig Falle

Degree: BSc (Hons) International Financial Services

Year: Second year

UGEP placement: Analyst – supporting various teams within Barclays and assisting customer relations


In 10 years’ time I hope to see myself sitting in an open office surrounded by large book shelves, working on creative ideas and researching different periods of history, whilst looking out onto a fresh-powder ski slope.

Why did you feel it important to combine your studies with an industry placement?

As a newcomer to the world of finance with no real idea of where I wanted to end up, I thought combining my studies with a placement would offer me the chance to experience a variety of roles within numerous business areas and explore the intricacies of working in finance.

What have you found most beneficial about your placement?

Support from the various individuals I have worked alongside has allowed me to develop my knowledge of financial services and improve my skills within the workplace.

Name three skills, professional or personal, that you have developed:

  • Responsibility – I have been given numerous tasks during my placement. They have often been urgent tasks requiring focus, or tasks that I have been given personal lead over which meant I assumed full responsibility for their completion.
  • Flexibility – due to the nature of my placement, I have been able to adapt quickly to the different tasks given to me and ensure they have been completed sufficiently, and interact with multiple areas within the business.
  • Confidence – interaction with colleagues and customers has increased my confidence in a professional environment, allowing me to communicate more effectively.

How have you enjoyed the degree so far?

It has been really interesting to explore a subject area which I haven’t covered previously within education and learn about Jersey’s most vital industry. The degree has educated me on both an academic level and a personal level, with my knowledge of important financial instruments and contextual events having increased.


What roles has the student performed, and how will they develop in the remainder of their placement?

Greig has spent considerable time doing a rotation scheme around our business. We divided this by sections as appropriate to his syllabus as we wanted try to link his degree work with his Barclays work. This has given him some insight to all the different departments and he has completed several tasks after his induction period within those same departments. Greig has been based in a support team when not in rotation as to assist a wide section of the business that deals with a large base of clients with different needs. We thought this was appropriate to give him experience with live clients and exposure to some tasks with real clients in the background.

What makes Barclays a great place to complete an undergraduate work placement?

We do have a large section of departments that we can expose the students to with skilled team members. We believe that this, allied to our mentor programme, which means a senior member of staff will be assigned to each student throughout the 2-year period, will give every student a great exposure to the overall business and a chance to explore the different segments in a simple but comprehensive way. We try to gear up all our members of staff with knowledge and technical skills to be able to succeed with a job application, be it with us or with another institution. We believe the training is specific to our needs but broad enough to be applied at other financial institutions.