Learning beyond the classroom at professional events

Aimee Barker is in the second year of her BSc (Hons) International Financial Services degree, and is making the most of the opportunities to attend professional CPD conferences held by the Business School and network with industry professionals.

The degree course covers a wide range of areas in finance, and having recently attended some of the CPD events that the Business School holds I have found that this has further enhanced my studies and essay writing. For example, I was able to reference John Thompson, Head of Financial Crime and Senior Policy Director at the British Bankers’ Association, in my recent law essay after hearing him speak at the Annual Compliance & Economic Crime Symposium held by the Business School in November.

Through the mentoring scheme I have also had opportunities to attend some of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI) events and lunchtime seminars that ordinarily I would not have had access to. A further benefit from attending these talks, other than enhancing my learning, is that I have begun to network meaning that not only have I had the pleasure of meeting people in industry but I am no longer a stranger to some of these professionals either, having connected with them on social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

Furthermore, through attending some of these events, the content I have learnt has furthered my understanding of the industry I am working in and this is reflected in my work placement at Alex Picot Trust Company. I believe that while it is one thing to learn from the lecturers and books in my degree classroom, hearing industry professionals discussing the current economic environment is a different experience and is an example of the textbook being put into practice.

 Aimee Barker and classmates at the 12th Annual Compliance & Economic Crime Symposium

Aimee Barker and classmates at the 12th Annual Compliance & Economic Crime Symposium