6­-aside football with the JIBS family!

A great game to bring together the JIBS staff and students and allow the students to balance out studies and hobbies.

By being part of the JIBS football team it has provided great fun and an opportunity to socialise with the JIBS Family.

JIBS took part in the inaugural Jersey FA Summer 6ixer league which took place on Springfield’s new 3G pitch. We won 3 times and finished 8th overall.

 The JIBS football team ready for the next match.

The JIBS football team ready for the next match.

From the JIBS football team I have been able to get to know both the students and the JIBS staff a lot better which has led to building new friendships. The social aspect of being part of a team has proven to be a great way to both relax and enjoy a break from studying, but also socialising with people that I may not have if JIBS didn’t decide to start a football team. It has also allowed me to spend more time with the 2015 Cohort of students, who have provided me with an insight into what to expect from the rest of the degree, which will be greatly valuable to me in the future.

As a student I feel it's extremely important to allow yourself a balance between taking time out for hobbies/ relaxing, and making sure you keep up with your studies. By having both students and JIBS staff it has created a fantastic dynamic and has definitely created new relationships and stronger morale, which can be seen by the week-by-week improvement we have been able to make as a team.

The degree provides you with a lot of free time, so you can find yourself getting your head down and working on assignments/preparing for exams, but due to the fast pace of a 2­-year degree, it’s vital that you're able to take a break, which the 6­aside football league has done for me!