Careers Jersey interview with first-year degree student Alex Langlois

Alex Langlois was interviewed by Careers Jersey in the lead-up to the 2016 Higher Education Fair about his reasons for staying on Island to study for the BSc (Hons) International Financial Services degree at Jersey International Business School.

Alex Langlois

What course are you studying?
BSc (Hons) International Financial Services

What university are you studying at?
Jersey International Business School for a University of Buckingham degree

What year are you in?
1st year

What do you most enjoy about university/studying in Jersey?
The thing I have most enjoyed about Jersey International Business School so far is probably the social events that they have held which gave us as a cohort a chance to get to know each other better as well as meeting students from the other years. Also, the structure of the week has been good as it involves going in predominantly on Monday and Tuesday for lectures and tutorials and then working on the Undergraduate Employment Programme on Thursday and Friday. This gives me the chance to get the work done well within the deadline and reduces stress as well as getting some worthwhile and paid work experience.

What is the most challenging thing about going to university?
The most challenging thing would be the application process for any university whether it be through UCAS or independently as either way it is a fairly long process with a lot of aspects entailed. As well as this, it is a significant step up from A-Level, although some of the aspects of the modules have been covered in past subjects it tends to go into much more detail as well as the introduction of completely new topics, which is quite the challenge until you finally grasp the concepts being taught and have a good overall understanding.

Why did you choose your university/to stay in Jersey?
Originally, I had no intention of staying in Jersey. It was not until Jersey International Business School came up to Hautlieu for the Higher Education Fair that I even thought about the possibility of studying on island. Jersey International Business School, for me, had more to offer in terms of course structure, modules and other opportunities than most, if not all the UK universities I had looked into. As well as that, Jersey International Business School also had partners for the Undergraduate Employment Programme which gives everyone the support and opportunity to network and gain vital work experience in the finance industry.

Why did you choose your course?
I wanted to go down the business management/finance career route and the International Financial Services degree that Jersey International Business School offered provided not just pure finance-orientated subjects but also aspects of marketing, business management and employment law giving me a large range of possible paths I could potentially go into. Following this is the fact that I will gain a full degree within two years, allowing me to pursue my chosen career sooner than those who do a three-year degree at a UK university.

What tips would you give to a student applying for university or considering staying on island?
The biggest tip from me is explore all your options. If you find a degree you would like to do in the UK make sure you see if something similar is available on island. You may find it is both a fraction of the cost as well as more opportune.