Jenny’s advice to students thinking about joining our degree & UGEP

Whilst studying at Jersey International Business School, Jenny undertook her Undergraduate Employment Programme (UGEP) placement with HSBC as part of their Future Leaders scheme. Jenny reflects on her time with HSBC:

Whilst working part time with HSBC and studying for my degree I was able to liaise with different departments to broaden my knowledge even further. HSBC were a great support with my degree allowing me to network with different departments which tied in with my degree. For my wealth management assignment I got in contact with a Wealth Manager in London to assist me and explain the subject to me further. This was a great help as I was able to talk the subject through with someone who was doing it as their job daily! Putting the theory into practice through working with HSBC was a great opportunity to have as this allowed me to use real-life examples in my exams and assignments but also be able to relate to the subject as I was working and speaking to people within those departments.

Since graduating, Jenny was offered a full time role at HSBC:

My job involves working with a team that supports the call centre. Part of my job involves sending thank you, sorry and congratulation notes to customers depending on their circumstance. It involves me working with resourcing to resource the contact centre. It also gives me the opportunity to work with procedures to create and amend these to best fit the call centre and from feedback from customers. My job, in summary, allows me to look at the customer journey and see what we can do to improve this.

At Jersey International Business School we firmly believe that our degree students who undertake the UGEP alongside their studies significantly increase their employability following Graduation and are also better equipped to enter the world of work in the fast-paced financial services industry. Jenny summarises her thoughts on the value of the UGEP:

Without the opportunity to work at HSBC whilst studying for my degree, I wouldn’t have made the connections that I have made to progress my career. Through working part-time, I was able to show my skills to the business by working with different people and showing them what I was capable of. If hadn’t have done this, they wouldn’t have known this and may not have offered me the opportunities and jobs that they have. With working at HSBC it allowed me to recognise the things I had learnt whilst studying for my degree, in the work place. This enabled me to relate to real-life situations that I was learning about theoretically in class.

Jenny’s advice to students thinking about joining our degree & UGEP:

I would definitely recommend taking part in the Undergraduate Employment Programme as this gives you such a great opportunity to network, learn and develop yourself whilst studying for the degree. This gives anyone the opportunity to see how they can develop their career and giving them access to the tools to be able to do this.