Summertime, sit back and unwind – not at Jersey International Business School

Lee is an investment professional with over ten years experience in wealth management and Investment banking having worked in London, New York, Amsterdam, and Jersey. He is currently employed as Senior Investment Manager on the Fixed Income desk of a leading International wealth manager. He also lectures on some of the modules of the Jersey International Business School’s BSc (Hons) International Financial Services degree.

Back in 1991 Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince crooned “summer, summer, summer time…time to sit back and unwind” but for our students on our fast track 2 year BSc degree, this isn’t the case.

This semester has been a very challenging and enjoyable experience for lecturers and students alike. We have been working on three modules, all of which are highly applicable to the financial industry, ensuring our students can hit the ground running when they enter the workplace full time. I have been working with students on the Fundamentals of Investment Business module, enabling them to fully appreciate the range of businesses within the financial market and critically assess the interlinkages, dependencies and product offerings.

The method of assessment over the summer reflects the applied business nature of the courses. Over two days students will be making individual presentations on contemporary issues within the wealth management industry, such as critically assessing collective investment schemes, analyzing global financial centres, appraising the strengths and weakness of multi-manager portfolios, and evaluating IFA investment platforms.

To replicate the work environment as closely as possible students will be presenting to the faculty at JIBS and industry experts and after the presentation students will face a Q&A inquisition! Not exactly a relaxing summer, but certainly a rewarding one. With graduation now less than a year away, there will be plenty of time to ‘sit back and unwind’ after having achieved an internationally recognized, top ranked UK degree, awarded by our partners at the University of Buckingham.