Studying at JIBS I have the best of both worlds

Caroline is coming towards the end of her first year of the condensed two-year degree at Jersey International Business School. Here she lets us in on the best parts of studying at JIBS.

When first applying for the degree I was in two minds about whether I would be losing out on the ‘uni experience’ which studying on the mainland would offer. Luckily, however, I couldn’t have been more wrong! I believe that I have got the best of both worlds – I have built life-long friendships and memories whilst maintaining all the comforts of home… including having the ironing done!

Not lost within the masses

At JIBS you are not lost within the masses, which has helped me gain a new found confidence. The intimate class sizes allow for greater one-to-one contact time with lecturers, whom are more than happy to answer any questions – no matter how silly! This, coming from a naturally shy person, has given me the helping hand needed to feel confident to actively participate in lectures and tutorials. The small class size has also enabled me to build amazing relationships with my fellow students; although it sounds corny, it really does feel like one big happy family! This, in my opinion, is thanks to the lovely staff and lecturers at JIBS – whom have made every effort to help integrate us into forming a strong team.

The actual studying part!

As the degree programme is a three-year BSc Honours degree condensed into two years it can be quite demanding – especially if you also decide to enrol on one of the work placements. I have found that it certainly pays off to be very organised, but the course has been designed to ease you in gently – so don’t worry, you won’t be put in the deep end straight away! Nonetheless, like with any degree, you have to be disciplined if you want to succeed, which involves doing lots of your own background research and reading into the topics taught in addition to also keeping up to date with current affairs.

Work Experience

I was successful in gaining a work placement at Standard Chartered. The combination of both studying and working has allowed me to affirm my knowledge of topics taught, I am able to relate textbook to real life scenarios – providing another dimension to my understanding. As the work placements are usually two full days a week it can be quite challenging to manage your time, however in my experience both lecturers and work are very accommodating –with lecturers giving great notice on up-and-coming deadlines and work providing time off for revision and exams.

In summary

All in all, I would not change my JIBS experience for anything. The lecturers and staff really do care about us as individuals, and will go to any length to ensure that you are provided with, and maximise, all opportunities available.