Student Rep – Katie McGinty

We asked Katie McGinty, recently elected as Student Representative for the 2013 intake of the BSc (Hons) International Financial Services degree, to tell us about what being a Student Rep involves, and what she’s been up to so far.

As student rep at the University Centre can you outline your intentions?

My intentions will be to create an easy connection between staff and students, and to implement any developments on areas we, as a student body, feel can be improved.

What three main attributes or skills do you think are most important for this position?

I believe, as student rep, you need to be confident, be able to create a good working relationship with both staff and students, and be open-minded.

What have you achieved to date? Or what are you about to start working on for 2014?

So far at JIBS I have achieved good coursework and module marks as well as becoming student rep! Outside of JIBS I have had a few leadership roles – for example captaining my netball squad at Millfield, and leading our house choir in the inter-house singing competition.

What made you want to hold this position?

I wanted to become student representative as I feel I will be able to communicate between staff and students with ease, and objectively evaluate issues which may arise.

Do you think you are a natural leader?

Yes. I feel that because of the confidence I have as a person and my sociable nature I can naturally lead many different groups of people.