Shane De La Haye interview with Careers Jersey

Careers Jersey spoke to Shane De La Haye about his choice to study for a degree on Island, and the benefits of studying the two-year BSc (Hons) International Financial Services degree at JIBS.

What course are you studying and where?

I am currently studying the BSc (Hons) International Financial Services degree at Jersey International Business School (JIBS).

What year are you in?

I am in my first year.

What do you most enjoy about your choice of degree?

I like that the degree covers a vast variation of aspects within the finance industry, differentiating in range from in-depth modules from marketing to accounting. It is extremely beneficial that it is a full degree and can be completed in two years as opposed to the normal 3 year degrees, accelerating my employability into the finance industry.

What is the most challenging thing about your degree?

The most challenging part of the degree is time management, as it’s a three-year course condensed into two years. The heavy work load has to be managed efficiently.

Why did you choose to stay in Jersey?

I knew I wanted to pursue a career within the finance industry, thus decided to stay and study in Jersey because it is one of the largest financial centres in the world. By studying in Jersey, I have a better chance of finding a work experience placement within the finance sector on the days I’m not at university.  As I’m only studying at the university for two days a week, it gives me great opportunity to find a work placement for the rest of the week, so that it will align perfectly with my studies in finance. JIBS have partners that offer paid work placements.

What are the benefits about staying in Jersey to study your degree?

It is a lot cheaper to stay in Jersey and study. Even though the degree is the same cost as a standard degree in the UK, I am paying for 2 years study rather than 3; I do not have the living and travelling expenses and will complete the degree debt free. State funding is available for this degree.

Why did you choose your course?

I chose the BSc (Hons) International Financial Services degree because I wanted to pursue a career in the finance industry. The degree covers numerous modules over the two years, giving an in-depth understanding of all aspects of international finance. I could enter into a various number of careers after this degree, such as accountancy or law. The fact that the degree is completed within two years appealed to me because it will accelerate my employment.

What tips would you give to a student applying for a degree in Jersey?

Take your time when choosing a degree and think about what degree would best suit you and your chosen career.