Mature student moving to Jersey, and election as Student Rep

Joseph Peacock is a mature student in his first year of the BSc (Hons) International Financial Services degree at Jersey International Business School University Centre. He applied to study in Jersey from the UK, and in the first term was elected as student rep for the 2014 cohort of students. He was also successful in securing a paid work placement on the University Centre’s Undergraduate Employment Programme working at Marbral Advisory.

I am Joseph Peacock. I grew up in Billericay, Essex and have also lived in Bahrain and United States of America.

While living in United States of America, I spoke a family member who was studying on the 2-year BSc (Hons) International Financial Services degree, and it was highly recommended.

The main reason I chose Jersey to study is the worldwide prestige that the island has built up through its financial services industry, so I thought what better place to study.

In the first month of attending Jersey International Business School I was elected to the position, Student Representative and I will be the point of contact for any issues or queries that students in the 2014 cohort have and will liaise with the University Centre faculty. I hope to be able to listen to any the students’ questions and problems and resolve them quickly and efficiently. I believe I am a dedicated person; being trustworthy is one of my main characteristics and I believe in the importance of clear communication.

After moving to Jersey, I was greeted at JIBS in a very warm and welcoming manner. I find Jersey a fantastic location to study finance, especially as this industry is at the core of the island.

I joined Marbral on the degree’s Undergraduate Employment Programme as an intern and am working in paid employment two days a week alongside experienced Marbral team members. I have a background within environmental consultancy and have undertaken a number of roles over the past six years including working for part of a multinational company. I also became a daily feature on BBC Radio 1, following an appearance as a quiz participant, which has culminated in me having over 40,000 Twitter followers where I quickly learnt the art of managing a large social media following.

I am sure my previous experience will help me succeed in my work placement, which in turn will support my studies on the degree.