Student Rep – Jenny Rolfe

Jenny Rolfe is the student representative (and in fact the first student rep at the University Centre) for students on the BSc (Hons) International Financial Services degree. She answers some questions about her role to date.

As the first student rep at the University Centre can you outline your intentions?

As the student rep I hope that both students and tutors feel they can come to me with any problems or queries that they may have, and I can act as the ‘middle man’ to pass on any messages or concerns that may arise.

Also, as the student rep I hope to organise things such as social events or study sessions to build on the already strong relationships my classmates have with each other as well as the tutors. Since I am a confident people person I feel comfortable talking to my classmates in order to get a sense of how they are feeling about things such as exams and lectures.

What have you achieved to date? Or what are you about to start working on for 2013?

My achievements so far consist of starting work for HSBC on the Future Leader programme. I have worked there for about 2 months now and already have a lot of responsibility within my team and also within the company. Through this I can see myself growing as a person but also through what I have learnt in my lectures and tutorials, which I can already see myself putting into practice at work and therefore having a better understanding of what is happening around me in the business.

What made you want to hold this position?

I wanted to hold the position as student rep because I feel that I am a very approachable person and I like to help others out so when the opportunity came up I thought it suited me well. I also like organising things such as social events so to have the opportunity to do that appealed very much to me.

Do you think you are a natural leader?

I feel I can lead well when I need to but I prefer working as a team in some situations. Within teams I feel like I can speak on behalf of the team confidently and lead them in the right direction.